How the Worst Nuclear Accident in History Helped Me To Become the Best Divorce Lawyer I Can Be

Posted by Steven J. Kaplan, Esq. on March 19, 2017

It was April of 1986.

I was interviewing with a highly respected Judge of the Superior Court, in the family part in northern New Jersey. I was applying to be His Honor's law clerk for the 1986–1987 court year.

I was extremely proud to have been selected to interview with this particular judge, who I had heard was one of the best Divorce Court judges in the state.

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NJ Divorce Court Motions

Posted by Steven J. Kaplan, Esq. on March 19, 2017

What can be done once you have filed for divorce, but your spouse is not cooperating with something significant and so you need some type of help from a judge?

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Introduction To The Monmouth County Divorce Process

Posted by Steven J. Kaplan, Esq. on March 12, 2017

A very nice woman, frightened out of her mind, hired me recently and told me how she had been just informed by an email from her husband's lawyer an hour earlier that her case was scheduled for trial in less than 48 hours, gave her the address of the courthouse, but told her that she really didn't need to appear in court.

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The Importance Of Your NJ Divorce Case Information Statement (CIS)

Posted by Steven J. Kaplan, Esq. on March 4, 2017
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Changes are Coming to NJ's Domestic Violence Restraining Order Laws

Posted by Steven J. Kaplan, Esq. on December 16, 2016

A very important article appeared in the December 5, 2016 New Jersey law journal dealing with Domestic Violence restraining orders in New Jersey.

In particular, the New Jersey Supreme Court made certain administrative determinations on November 29, 2016 that will significantly impact restraining order cases in New Jersey.

This post will highlight two of those determinations.

First, the Supreme Court adopted a recommendation that "the Judiciary should explore the development of Court Rules and procedures to allow domestic violence victims, in exceptional cases, to testify without being physically present in the courtroom for final restraining order hearings."

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Calculating Alimony Pursuant to NJ Alimony Laws

Posted by Steven J. Kaplan, Esq. on October 23, 2016

Pursuant to NJ Alimony Laws, how is alimony in NJ determined?  Are there NJ Alimony guidelines like there are NJ child support guidelines?


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My Most Painful Case Involving NJ Alimony Laws

Posted by Steven J. Kaplan, Esq. on October 22, 2016

Divorce can be tough on someone's emotions.

Someone going through a tough divorce could easily make a bad decision. This post is about the consequences of one such bad decision, and supports the idea that someone going through a tough divorce needs a highly experienced local divorce lawyer to help him or her make these crucial decisions correctly as the case progresses.

My most painful case involving NJ alimony laws involved a highly successful older accountant, his young secretary, and the accountant's angry wife.

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Unreported Income in Divorce

Posted by Steven J. Kaplan, Esq. on October 8, 2016

We divorce lawyers routinely encounter people who tell us that either they or their spouse is involved in some type of a business activity where they don’t fully report their income taxes.

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Making Divorce in Monmouth County Easier

Posted by Steven J. Kaplan, Esq. on October 6, 2016
What can you do to try to make your Divorce in Monmouth County easier?

Well, the fact of the matter is that divorce in Monmouth County, like everywhere else, can be very hard.  

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Reducing The Cost Of Divorce In NJ

Posted by Steven J. Kaplan, Esq. on October 26, 2015

Why is it so difficult for even a highly experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer to predict what your divorce will cost?

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