Unreported Income in Divorce

Posted by Steven J. Kaplan, Esq. on October 8, 2016

We divorce lawyers routinely encounter people who tell us that either they or their spouse is involved in some type of a business activity where they don’t fully report their income taxes.

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Do NOT Sign Your Tax Returns Until Your NJ Divorce Lawyer Reviews Them

Posted by Steven J. Kaplan, Esq. on April 5, 2014

Do not sign your tax returns without speaking with your NJ divorce attorney first.

It is surprising how many people who consult with me label their spouses "control freaks."

Many people, usually (but not always) women, find themselves in marriages where they have become used to doing what their spouse tells them what to do, especially when it comes to finances.  

Indeed, this is the time of year when husbands sometimes try to unfairly control their wives into signing tax returns that the wives have not yet read, only to then try to use the fact that the wife signed the tax returns against her in the divorce case.

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